The OKWAVE Group is taking on a new challenge.
By utilizing the Q&A knowhow that we have developed over 20 years of operating OKWAVE, Japan's first Q&A community and one of its largest, and OKBIZ., the FAQ & inquiry management system boasting the top domestic share, coupled with our original blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies that we have developed in-house, our aim is to further develop the world by providing services that make life more convenient for people across the globe.

The strengths of OKWAVE

  • feature_1
    The knowhow that comes from being a leading operator of Q&A and FAQ systems
    OKWAVE created Japan's first Q&A community 20 years ago, and it continues to be one of its largest with 70 million users annually. Our FAQ solution OKBIZ. has had the leading share in Japan for eight years running, with proven results as evidenced by its use by major banks, large companies, and government institutions.
  • feature_2
    Original technologies developed in-house
    We are promoting blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence), and chat systems as our core technologies.
    ・Thor's Hammer blockchain
    ・KONAN2 ARISTO AI (artificial intelligence)
    ・DANANG chat system
  • feature_3
    Specialized teams dedicated to product development and sales
    We accumulate exclusive blockchain development knowhow through our blockchain development center, the OK BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE, while also acquiring live translation knowhow through BRICKS., our multilingual contact center.




QUESTA is a service that converts the world's knowledge into an FAQ and makes it available to its users. By providing users the most useful information without the time and effort involved in going through search results, we aim to create a society where people's problems can be solved quickly, allowing them to more actively engage in creative activities.

Product details

How to work

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    01 Artificial intelligence analyzes Q&A data from all over the world and generates it automatically
    Our original artificial intelligence KONAN ARISTO takes commonly found issues and trends on the internet into consideration, analyzes Q&A data from all over the world and generates it automatically.
  • how_2
    02 Q&A data built on blockchain
    Our original blockchain Thor's Hammer provides FAQs to the people that need them while effectively managing copyright issues.
  • how_3
    03 Adding FAQs, individual answers and public answers is also possible
    You can ask questions to individuals and also ask questions publicly. You can also connect to OKWAVE's thanks economy platform and show thanks to users by giving them unique tokens known as OK-Chips, a process that gives the appreciation and excitement of sharing answers a visual aspect.


  • thorshammer
    Thor’s Hammer
    Thor's Hammer combines a function that connects multiple blockchains called sidechaining with KONAN, the AI that we developed, allowing us to achieve more secure authentication while also reducing the cost and time involved in mining.
  • konanaristo
    KONAN ARISTO collects the necessary data, automatically sets classification criteria, automatically generates questions based on the classifications, and automatically classifies the automatically generated questions. It is a deep learning technology that automatically generates answers to questions, matches automatically generated answers to automatically generated questions, and automatically classifies them.



QUESTA is being developed by OK BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE SDN. BHD. (OBC), headquartered in Medini 9, a high-rise office building in Johor Bahru city in Malaysia's Johor state.
OBC is the development center responsible for the strategic development of the OKWAVE Group's blockchain technology. It plays a central role in fintech (financial technology), with blockchain technology at its core, in the areas of interbank remittances, cryptocurrency (virtual currency) wallets, and cryptocurrency exchange systems.


On August 20, 2018, OBC and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) entered into a partnership on joint blockchain research. OBC is carrying out joint projects with UTM as well as educational and outreach activities with the aim of further developing blockchain and spreading knowledge of blockchain throughout Malaysian society along with the diffusion of the digital economy.
August 20, 2018 press release



Release QUESTA website prototype version


AI demonstration experiment


Functional verification of Beta ver 1.0


Beta ver 2.0 update


Officially release QUESTA application


Introduction of gratitude quotientgratitude quotient is to visualize the proportion of how much you are being appreciated by others gratitude quotient
URL (https://thanks-economy.com/)


Original token implementationthis will enable you to send the original token to information providers as a token of your gratitude.


Original token implementationwe will increase the number of languages sequentially in preparation for multilingualization of 103 languages.

The latest information about QUESTA is available
on the OKWAVE official account.