The knowledge and information necessary for you to explore Japan more conveniently has been collected from all around the world and put together into a Q&A. The best answers for what you need are available at lightning speed without having to search for it.


※The demo doesn’t require a download.
You can experience a simulation of an FAQ of QUESTA on the website itself.

※A supporter living in Japan will answer your questions.
The answers to the questions we receive will be shown through a FAQ within the QUESTA demo version. Also, they will be used as learning material for the FAQ creation technology we are developing in order to improve service.

・The FAQ shown on the demo version was registered previously and was not made through AI.
・Questions on the demo version cannot be made to individuals nor shown to the public.
・You cannot send ”Thank you” as a sign of gratitude or exclusive “OK Chip” tokens on the demo version.

Use Case

Try QUESTA when you’re traveling solo or need someone to bounce ideas off of. QUESTA can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

  • usecase_1
    When you want to see things that are off the beaten path
    When you want to know access info and business hours
  • usecase_2
    When you want to eat something unique
    When you want to know how to eat something or how much it costs
  • usecase_3
    When you want to try being a ninja
    When you want to know how to join something or its rules



QUESTA" means "book" and "this" in Italian.
It's also a combination of the "QUEST" and "A" from the phrase "question and answer".
QUESTA was created with the hope that, by turning the world's information into an FAQ, problems can be solved quickly and a society where people can more actively engage in creative activities will be realized.

The latest information about QUESTA is available on the OKWAVE official account.

Scheduled for release in 2019


  • why_1
    Knowledge and information from all over the world
    QUESTA uses information available from all around the world, taking into account and analyzing trends and timeliness, and creates a Q&A.
  • why_2
    Easy operation on your smartphone
    QUESTA can be used on your smartphone, so no need to carry anything extra around.
  • why_3
    AI finds the information you need for you
    Let QUESTA's AI select the information for you. No need to waste time that can otherwise be spent on your travels.
  • why_4
    Always new and up-to-date information
    New content can be to FAQs based on the latest information, so the information you get it always live.
  • why_5
    Communities where you can ask someone
    Ask someone a question directly, or make your question public and gather answers.
  • why_6
    Thanks that you can see
    Give tokens to users who provide information as a way of showing thanks. The amount of thanks you get accumulates as you help others.

Night Time in JAPAN

Whether it's places where you can enjoy the evening, transit information, or security issues you should be aware of, QUESTA has put together an FAQ of what you need to know in order to enjoy the nightlife in Japan.

About us

QUESTA is a test project undertaken as a first phase aiming for the full-scale implementation of original technologies by OKWAVE like AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

QUESTA represents a new experiment and a big challenge for OKWAVE.
Our objective is to further update our original technologies,
develop new ideas and trigger the innovation of “thank you” through QUESTA.

The latest information about QUESTA is available
on the OKWAVE official account.